OZEN RAJNEESH is the most recognized sannyasin on the international level. he speaks about inner silence and how to reach it through totality in dance, music, meditation and creativity

in a direct contemporary way his talks express the beauty and joy of innocence, of being one with nature on the inner journey and responds to seekers questions offering wisdom and deep insight with simple methods of meditation leading to awareness

OZEN rajneesh was born in india, grew up in calcutta and bombay and studied at st paul’s darjeeling in the himalayas from where he was inspired by the himalayan mountains nature and art

at the early age of 18 he became an OSHO disciple and devotee and continues his work today. he also developed his artistic skills as an acclaimed designer in england, united states and hong kong, in the world of fashion, jewelry, watches, and later on in architecture and interior design

after his experience of enlightenment at 26 he spent 12 years in the himalayas to deepen and crystalize his silence

as a master of tai chi and zazen he created and offers his own contemporary merger of active vipassana, walking and sitting in zen.

OZEN rajneesh resides at his ashram resort in mexico and is developing more such communities around the world as a materialization of his vision for the new man.

his 13 books , written or spoken are considered jewels of today’s spirituality for the ones moving towards the inner journey.

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You can contact him directly through here.